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so i jumped on a train to croatia after i hiked the 12 kilometers through cinque terre. it was so lovely but i recomend not doing it with a pack. it was tough and hott...so i was planning to head to vienna then to croatia but i took longer then i thought in cinque terre so the i missed the train to vienna. i had to figure out the next stop so i figured why not head to croatia. i arrived at 4 am in zagreb and caught the train at 650 to split. i met a woman at the internet cafe who rents rooms out of her home. she was funny and a bit kookie so i figured why not. it was a lovely room with a patio and so i spent the day at the beach and the afternoon trying to locate old family friends..well related through marrrage but long story. the phone number i had did not work and i attempted email them was not getting a response and after talking to my cousin decided to take a bus to find them since i had their address...with lost of help from the bus driver adn some strangers i met along the way i found their home. no one was home of course but i left a note.caught a train back to the center of town where i was staying and had dinner and went to the plaza where they play music and everyone sits on the steps and the restaurant provides pillows to sit on and had some beer.the city center is in the walls of the Diocletian palace. it looked like it was out of a movie the entire town. amazing.so the next morning i had planned to head to Dubrovnik to see where my grandmothers family was from when i got an email telling me the family friends wanted to meet with me and show me around. so we went to the museum and to the beach park had some beer and showed me around town it was nice then that night i went to their home and we talked and had home made schnapps..YUM and food and more beer. it was nice we caught up with family stuff and we spoke of my grandmother who had passed away about 2 years ago. we spoke about memories we had and cried and laughed occasionally at he same time and had more beer and food. it was a nice night so much so that we did not notice how the time went by. it was almost 2 when i told them i had to go home since i planned to catch a bus to dubrovnik at 730 am.. so i went to bed and missed my bus in the morning .. surprise surprise. so i walked down to the ferry port and asked what is the next ferrry i can talk to another island. so i bought a ticket round trip to supertar beach and spent the day laying on the beach and swimming in the turquoise water. made it back to split just around 5 and had pizza for dinner and sat on a bench and watched the sun set in split. it was lovely i caught a train that night to Zagreb and arrived the next morning in Zagreb. where family was waiting for me at the station. they kindly told me i could stay with them and would not have to stay in a hostel. we went to the house where they told me i could take a nap and freshen up if i wanted before we went sight seeing. which i took up both offers. so after my long nap and almost as long a shower we set out to have lunch. and then off to a small town just this side of the Slovenia border. it was so cute and we went to have crepes and some thing called cream slices when Dubravko(family member) remembered i have more family close by. my grandmothers cousin lived close by and that we should phone them. so he did and they told him they had to bring me over right away because the family was all there for a baptism. so we got the cream slices to go and head back in the car to the house it was set atop a hill and my grandmothers cousin had a huge land where he grows grapes makes his own wine and has goats and it was breathtaking. the house overlooks the valley where the vineyard is....i met family member i never even knew i had. they were so nice and loving. so we drank some of the best wine i have ever tasted and sat on the patio at a long table full of family and even met one of his daughters who lives in Vienna and told me i had to come stay with her when i go to Vienna(which i now next on my agenda). these family members are the last of the Mortigjija family line. my grandmothers maiden name. it was a wonderful day just absolutely wonderful. they are all convinced i should move here..so beautiful i couldnt argue with them...today i spent the day in down town and uptown Zagreb and looking at old historical buildings and museums. it was nice and low key..tomorrow who knows

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